Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Football-East Coast-Clemson Tiger Tour!

For those of you who know my husband, you know that he is a HUGE Clemson fan (and graduate too). This fall our schedule and budget allowed us to attend three, back-to-back Clemson games.  And, if you follow college football, you know that Clemson is currently undefeated and dominating the ACC - a trend the Mudd household hopes continues.

We kicked off our fall tour on Saturday, October 1, in Blacksburg. It was unseasonably cold, but we had a great time!  We met up with our friend Arnie and we tailgated with a number of Phi Sigma Pi alumni from my college days.
I was supporting the Hokies (my first college football love), but it was so cold that I rocked the Nash Central hat too.
Arnie & Me. We are the coolest honorary Hokies I know ;)
The boys keeping warm and ready for kickoff.
Thanks to Rich for giving up his stellar seats under the pressbox awning.
We didn't have to worry about the wind or rain.

On Oct. 8, we headed south to Tiger Town! In Clemson we met up with a number of Tim's college friends and their wives/girlfriends, and we witnessed a Tiger homecoming win over Boston College.  Once again, we had a great time tailgating and catching up with old friends.
Both supporting the Tigers (and my sporting a new haircut).
Tailgate time!
                              Me & Tim                                        Tim & Tori
Cornhole of course!
(pics by Natalie)
Natalie & Landon were there too 
(and I stole her pics from her fabulous blog)
Shawn & Whitney were there.
And Kimberly & Chad too (but I only have pics Kimberly took, like the one above).

We finished up our football tour on Oct. 15, in the infamous College Park, Maryland. As a graduate from UMD, I was stoked to be back on campus for this year's homecoming game. Contrary to the pictures, we were tailgating at Maryland; however, we were surrounded by many of Tim's Clemson friends. As usual, we had an awesome time tailgating and catching up with both Tiger and Terp friends.
Timothy & Me
The boys were proud of their Tiger pride in College Park.
This photo doesn't even begin to document the tailgate craziness and fun times that evolved and grew throughout the day.
I'm fairly certain that Candice & I have taken 15 pictures just like this one over the years.
Mark & Hannah came sporting the Terrapin red!
We were so excited to have the chance to hang with Tim & Tori two weekends in a row. They were in Clemson and in Maryland!
Tim & Tim
One last shot of us having a fabulous time and wrapping up our...
Fall Football, East Coast, Clemson Tiger Tour!

Stay tuned, if Clemson keeps it up we'll be headed to the ACC championship game and maybe a BCS bowl!?

Kelly Anne 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Now and Then

If there is one thing that Timothy and I both love, it is college football. Tailgating and game days were a big part of our dating life and have already proven to be a huge aspect of our married life. 

Us in Clemson 2006. Clemson vs. Maryland.
(barely dating)

Us in Maryland 2011. Clemson vs. Maryland
Kelly Anne 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Veggies From Our Garden

A few posts back, I highlighted Tim's summer garden. Each year we have at least one vegetable that seems to over produce. Last year we had tons and tons of zucchini, but this year the jalapeƱo emerged as the front runner.  We stopped making a direct effort to "tend" to the garden once school started, but the jalapeƱos just keep coming - even after Hurricane Irene!  

In addition to the abundance of hot-and-spicy peppers, we had a great (first ever) green bean crop.  I really wanted to can the beans, but I didn't have a canner. I realize I could have purchased one, but I'm definitely the "research before you buy" shopper. I was afraid I would miss the window of available time to perserve the beans while reading and debating over canners.  We decided to freeze the beans in dinner portion bags.

 Wash the beans
 Snap the beans
 Boil the beans quickly.
 Blanch the beans to stop any additional cooking (in ice water)
 Dry the beans
 Label, vacuum seal and freeze.

I must say, Tim is the gardner with the green thumb.  I am so thankful for his hard work. We have throughly enjoyed the fruits (or veggies) of his labor.

Kelly Anne