Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tim’s Texas Tavern Trip

If you are from Roanoke, you definitely know about the Texas Tavern. Texas Tavern is Roanoke's own little episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives; most would classify it as a tasty dive. It has been a Roanoke novelty since the 1930's, and not much has changed in the last 80 years. The "tavern" specializes in hot dogs, hamburgers and chili. You can order any of these three staples with onions, mustard, relish and/or a fried egg! Just don't ask for ketchup.

The Tavern has its own lingo too. If you want a hot dog with onions and relish, you would say, "one hot with hold the chili." If you want a hamburger with cheese and a fried egg, and a bowl of chili with onions, you would say, "a cheesy with and a bowl with." It is a learned art form.
My family, friends and I had been talking up the Tavern for quite some time, and during our February visit Dad, Donna and I decided to treat Tim to his fist Texas Tavern experience. Timothy was a good sport, but it definitely wasn't his cup of tea, or should I say his bowl of chili. I could have predicted this as he isn't a fan of chili with beans or mustard. He also didn't get the full experience either…
Most Roanokers will tell you the best time to visit the Tavern is after midnight and/or after a fun night out on the town. Tim definitely didn't get the full exposure at 8 p.m. But needless to say, he was excited to experience the legend that is the Texas Tavern.
Kelly Anne


Anonymous said...

I have found memories of Texas Tavern 25+ years ago! Many Friday and Saturday nights, Tom would get off work at WBRA at midnight and we'd head down to the Tavern for a hot dog. The later you eat, the better the food taste and the entertainment factor increases! Some nights all 10 stools were in use and I'd sit in the car (with doors locked) while he went in for a take out order. Sitting in that side parking lot to eat was a real education for this country girl! Saw my first transvestite there!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my previous post! Martha