Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprise

I'm back! I hate that it's been so long since my last blog post, but life has just been busy. Here is a quick snapshot of my life lately: developing, scheduling & meeting on multiple IEPs, graduate school readings & classes, and, of course, the regular day-to-day responsibilities around the house.

My sweet husband realized how work-oriented I've been lately, and he took it upon himself to plan a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise for me. And this is HUGE considering he believes that Valentine's Day is a "made up holiday created by Halmark and Hershey's." 

I was told to not make any plans after school on Thursday (16th) and to come straight home. Once I got home we hit the road...We headed north on I95 and 2 hours later we were in Richmond! And our night began with beers and stellar food at 821 Cafe.
Photos Thanks to Yum Veggie!

 Us & our fabulous beers!
I should have taken pictures of our food, but as you can see my poor-old blackberry isn't taking pics like she use to. Tim had an amazing Chicken Parm sandwich,  and I had an Artichoke & Brie warp with Sun-dried Tomatoes with a side of yummy orzo.

At this point in the evening I still did not know where we were headed after dinner, but I was already one happy lady. It was so nice to put work aside and get out to a more eclectic eatery, with craft beers and amazingly fresh foods.  After dinner we walked a few blocks and as we turned the corner I saw this...

I had no idea we would be seeing The Lion King, but I was super excited and beyond thrilled.

If you haven't seen The Lion King (on or off Broadway), it is a must! I never cared for the Disney movie, and I wasn't thrilled in 2001 when, on a school trip, we were scheduled to see the show in Toronto. BUT I was presently surprised, and it has since been one of my very favorites.  The additional (nonDisney) music is just wonderful and the way in which the animals are portrayed is incredible.
Another poor image from my elderly blackberry, but proof that I was there!

My hubby's Valentine's Day Surprise was perfect. It was exactly what we needed - a break from life and a night to just be together and have fun! Did I mention this was our first married Valentine's Day?! I believe it was the first of many memorable married adventures and moments together. How did you celebrate with your love?

Here's hoping I'll be blogging more regularly and soon!

Kelly Anne 

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