Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Angela's Pasta Salad

Tim, the hubby, does not usually like cold salads.  We're talking about potato salad, chicken salad and pasta salad. Needless to say, when we have hamburgers I'm a little limited on side items - did I mention he's not a baked bean fan either.  

There is however, one cold salad that he loves and asks for quite often.  We call it Angela's pasta salad.  My god-sister, Angela, made this salad on the 4th of July last year, and it's been a big hit around the Mudd household ever since.  Not only does my husband love this salad, it pairs perfectly with burgers and is SUPER easy to make.  Oh, and budget friendly too. 

Angela's Pasta Salad

1 Box Multi Colored Rotini
1 Block of Pepper Jack Cheese (cubed)
1 Bag Mini Pepperonis 
(we like the Turkey Pepperoni, you can also buy the Pepperoni sticks and dice them up yourself)
2 Green Peppers (chopped)
1/2 Bottle Italian Dressing (we like the Fat Free)

It is oh-so-delicious! You've got to add this recipe to your summer routine. 

Who else is excited about sweet summertime?

Kelly Anne 

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Natalie said...

My mom used to make this pasta salad and I LOVED it but haven't had it in years--thanks for reminding me!! :)