Sunday, July 17, 2011

Save The Dates.

My Save-The-Dates and Invitations probably involved the least amount of DIY effort on my part, but I absolutely loved them both.

For the save-the-dates, we decided on magnets. I spent a significant amount of time searching for the best website to create and order the magnets.  However, I soon realized anything tagged "wedding" was pricey, and (being my thrifty self) I was not willing to settle for the higher cost of a refrigerator magnet. After some digging, I discovered that I could make a small-business magnet for half the price.
I was able to create my own design by uploading photos and by inserting text boxes.

I used Vista Print. I definitely recommend Vista Print as they always have a great coupon code or weekly deal. We also had a great experience with their customer service department. Our first 65 magnets were not printed as they appeared on Vista's website - we were unable to read the actual wedding date when the magnets arrived. I called and Vista agreed to reprint and resend the magnets (at no additional cost) with in the first few minutes of the call. The second batch was perfect! 

The funny thing, we still have the 65 original magnets! Do you need magnets at your house?!
Kelly Anne

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Anonymous said...

Love my magnet. Friends have asked if you were models. Classy invitations that gave a clue to your wedding color scheme. I love how you find bargins everywhere! Aunt Martha