Friday, July 22, 2011

Timothy's Garden

I'm taking a break from wedding posts to share another aspect of our summer...Timothy's Garden!  Each spring Tim blocks off a section of our back yard, rents a tiller and plants a garden.

This summer he planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, peppers, peppers, corn and pole beans.  In terms of peppers he planted jalapenos, baby bells, regular bells, and baby cajun peppers.  

I've got some great photos of the veggies we picked and how we prepared/preserved some of them, but this post is just a visual of his garden in a few growing stages.

a view from the beginning (May)
a view from the beginning (May)

 a view later in June
a view later in June

I am so proud of Timothy.  He takes such great pride in his garden and works out there almost every night.  We never know from year to year which plants will produce the most and best vegetables.  Last year we had zucchini coming out of our ears, but this year we didn't have as much luck with zucchini and squash; however, we are rolling in peppers this summer, and I promise a post about Tim's fabulous stuffed peppers recipe. Yummy!

 The color of a pepper is determined by how long you leave it on the plant. The longer you wait the peppers turn from green to orange to red!
 The start of our pole beans.
Corn! This is the first year we've planted corn and the plants produced about 12 ears. 
They were sweet and delicious!

One last tip, lay newspaper between your plants and down each row.  The newspaper keeps the weeds down and is biodegradable; it makes for nice-neat-weed free rows. Just be sure to continue to replenish your newspaper as it decomposes. Timothy also puts grass clippings from our yard on top of the newspaper each time he mows. Combined with the newspaper, it really cuts back on the weeds and monkey grass. (Thanks to Aunt Martha for this great tip!)

Again, look for future posts about Timothy's  garden veggies, recipes and preservation ideas. There's nothing like fresh produce just steps away from the backdoor. Yummy!
Kelly Anne

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Timothy and Kelly Anne, the garden is great! Aunt Martha