Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in North Carolina

We were excited to finally arrive in Asheville and to spend some time with Timothy's family. When we got there, Tim's Gran and her husband Jim were both in Asheville as well. Although it was still snowing some, we all decide to go out and explore the after-Christmas sales. Cindy, Gran and I all found some great Christmas serveware that will most definitely get used at next year's cookie exchange. It was definitely a successful trip back out in the snow.

After a dinner out, we exchanged gifts and celebrated Christmas together. Timothy and I couldn't be more blessed. Tim's Gran gave us a beautiful nativity set, which is an important Christmas decoration that we've been missing. I am looking forward to finding a place to display it next year. My personal favorite was of course the Mudd family stocking, but you'll have to scroll down a few posts to read more about the stockings. Again, thanks to the wonders of technology, we were able to Skype with Kimberly, Chad, Aiden and Jezzie. Aiden was too cute showing us all of his big trucks and new toys.

We stayed a few days in Asheville enjoying the snow and spending some quality time with Cindy & Mark. If you know Timothy at all, you know that he loves BBQ but not just any BBQ…Tim loves Western Carolina BBQ (which is ketchup based, as opposed to the vinegar based of Eastern Carolina BBQ). We cannot find good Western barbeque here in Rocky Mount. His favorite BBQ place in Asheville was a restaurant called Fat Buddies, but that particular location is no longer open. His 2nd favorite BBQ joint is 12 Bones, which just happens to be closed this time of year. So we had to look for a new favorite barbeque restaurant. We ended up eating at Luella's, and we all agreed that it is pretty awesome and a good substitute for 12 Bones & Fat Buddies. To Tim's delight, we actually drove out to another Fat Buddies location (still open and about 30 miles away) for dinner our last night in Asheville. Timothy definitely got his bbq fix in during this visit.
 Image from Luella's
Image from BBQ Blog
Image from Fat Buddies

We always enjoy a stay in Asheville and spending time with Timothy's parents. We played cards, Wii and watched some not-so-interesting bowl games. Other highlights include: Tim getting to watch one of his former players play college basketball (WCU vs. UNC-A), Mark making us some awesome homemade doughnuts, and enjoying Cindy's Christmas dinner leftovers. It was a great Christmas part two.

Kelly Anne


Kimberly said...

Gotta love the doughnuts!

Anonymous said...

Hope you learn to make the doughnuts! I want some next Christmas. Aunt Martha

Natalie said...

Hi, Kelly Anne! I love BBQ, too: maybe the next time we all get together, we'll have to get some! Also, I don't know if you accept awards, but if you do, I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award for your many talents (and for being awesome!). Come visit here for more details!