Saturday, January 15, 2011

NYE in the Low Country

We decided to conclude our grand-whirl wind Christmas vacation in Charleston, SC, with our friends Natalie and Landon for NYE. We headed down on the 30th, and as we traveled south-east the snow slowly disappeared and the temperatures crept upwards. I think when we left Asheville the temps were in the low 30's and during our time in Charleston they ended up in the 60's and 70's. It was definitely a crazy change! We ate dinner at Andolini's Pizza our first night there, and we had slices of pizza that were the size of our heads! These slices could totally compete with the infamous Jumbo Slice in Adam's Morgan. Not only were the slices huge, but the taste was out of this world! Props to Landon for making the suggestion and I definitely recommend Andolini's for anyone's Charleston adventures.

Landon had to work during the day on NYE and Natalie was recovering from a nasty stomach bug, so Timothy and I explored the city on our own. The Clemson bowl game kicked off at noon, and we decided to find a fun place to watch the game with other TIGER fans. We ended up at King Street Grill and we were lucky enough to snag two bar seats in front of a tv. We enjoyed the atmosphere at the grill, but we were super bummed to see Clemson lose the bowl game. 

After the game we checked out the shops on King Street, and spent almost 45 minutes at the Apple store playing games on the iPad. I have noticed that many of my FB friends are obsessed with the game Angry Birds (via their status updates), but I have to say that Fruit Ninja kicks Angry Bird's butt. I think I want an iPad just so I can download Fruit Ninja; second thought, I'm sure I can think of a few other reasons to want an iPad. Maybe an iPad will be in our future post-wedding expenses.
We were so excited that Natalie was feeling better and that she suggested Japanese food for a NYE-double date dinner. Our Charleston Japanese experience was much better than our Marion dinner, although we were disappointed at the lack of tater-tots on the menu (see previous post for reference). After dinner we headed over to a friend of Natalie/Landon's for a low-key house party. We really enjoyed the laid back feel and getting to hang out with the Vereen-Davises. We celebrated with drinks, desserts, sparklers and a fire pit. 
 There were cigars too; but contrary to this picture there was no caroling.
 (as Landon's expression may suggest)

Before we left town on Saturday we grabbed lunch with Landon, and it was so nice that were able to eat outside and let the pups hang out too. We really enjoyed spending time with Natalie and Landon and only wish we could find time to see them more often. I think Landon may have convinced me to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in April, so hopefully we'll be seeing them again soon.
So Welcome 2011! Here's wishing everyone luck and love this year.
Kelly Anne

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