Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Southern Lady Cooks, Creamy Baked Chicken

Wow, I have seriously slacked on my blogging! I have a number of recipes to share so I'm going to try and catch up this week. Sometime back in January, I attempted a 2nd recipe from my southern lady cookbook. I had Timothy cruise through the book and pick out something he thought would be yummy, and he decided on Creamy Baked Chicken.

This recipe was pretty straight forward and didn't require my weight-watchers tweaking too much (although I did sub margarine in place of the butter). I've included some pictures below, but unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture of the final product; you guys will just have to try it out and see the final product for yourself.

 Dry White Wine & Cream of Chicken Soup

  Mix It
  Chicken Breast
  Topped with Swiss Cheese
  Topped with the White Wine and Cream of Chicken Mix
 Topped with 1 Cup Stuffing Mix
 Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

Timothy and I both loved this recipe.  I served it with a side of green beans.  It really is an easy recipe and perfect for any week night.
Kelly Anne

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