Friday, February 4, 2011

Toddler (flower girl) Dress Help

I need some advice/help from anyone who may read my blog.  I would like my flower girl to have a dress she can wear again; I'm not really looking for the traditional white or ivory flower girl dress.  My wedding colors are navy and apple/lime green.  The wedding is in July outside in Virginia and it will be hot!  I think I would love something with polka-dots, ribbons and/or bows.  I have found a few dresses that I like, but not in my color scheme (examples below).  

I'm hoping that someone out there in blogger-space may have a suggestion for where to find reasonably-priced toddler dresses.  Help please! Thanks in advance for your advice!
Kelly Anne


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
What size are you looking for? I will keep my eyes out in the stores around here. I know with Easter approaching, there will be lots of dresses out there. I have had luck at a number of stores finding dresses for let me know the size and I will keep my eye out. I can send you a picture text if I find something :)

Randy and Lindsay said...

Hey....try'll send you an invite! They sometimes have cute things. I'd wait and see what Easter dresses come out too! If you need bows...find ribbon that matches and i'll make them for you!!!!

Matt & Kelly said...

Don't know the style of your wedding - but we had an outdoor wedding - it wasen't casual - but wasen't super formal either. We went with a white pillowcase dress (but you could do any color) and our flower girl was barefoot. It was nice because they are inexpensive and the mom reused the dress for beach portraits for her daughter. You can get them on Ebay. I think the one we had her buy was 25 dollars. We put a big white floppy bow in her hair. It was SUPER cute. Just a thought.