Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Secret Santa or Gift Swap Idea

I LOVE a good holiday gift swap or secret santa party, but let's be honest - sometimes it is tough to come up with unique & budget friendly gift ideas.  It can be even more difficult when you're not very familiar with your secret santa or if the party is white elephant or pollyanna themed.

I was invited to my first holiday gift exchange of the season last week, and I needed 6 identical unwrapped gifts for the party (I believe the premise is that everyone goes home with six different gifts, after six different rounds of gift grabbing and exchanging). I needed cute-unique gifts without busting my budget, and I think I have come up with the perfect idea...
Holiday Tumblers + individual drink mix + a repurposed Christmas card = Great Idea!

I found these tumblers with attached straws for less than $5 at a local big-box store.
I purchased off-brand, one serving, lemonade drink mixes from a local dollar store.
I also grabbed a box of Christmas cards from the same dollar store, being sure to select a card with a single word on the front.
I dropped the drink mixes in the cups, and created holiday flags for the straws. I cut out the single-festive word from the holiday card, and then I just cut two small slits for the straw to be inserted (think old-school valentine cards that allowed for a sucker to be attached as this was my inspiration).
Total cost for this super cute and usable gift is roughly $5.  
These would make great teacher or neighbor gifts as well.  Not to mention, it never hurts to have a few random gifts on hand for a surprise vistor or just to spread spontaneous holiday cheer. These cups would be perfect to keep under the tree for just an occasion.

Kelly Anne 

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Natalie said...

So cute! I love this idea!