Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cookie Part One

Like all things Christmas, I am always up for a cookie swap and holiday baking in general.  And as a "polka dot" (which I have been dubbed by my favorite coworker and is defined roughly as: a female obsessed with all things monogrammed, ribboned, polka dotted and cute) I love the opportunity to be as festively cute as possible with, of course, ribbons and dotted cookie tins/boxes/bags.

The climate committee at school hosted a cookie swap to kick off the holiday season last Thursday (Dec. 1).  I jumped at the chance to bake two Pinterest recipes that I'd being eyeing for a while.  

The first recipe wasn't actually a cookie and didn't actually require baking, but  I decide to sneak Peppermint Bark  into the cookie swap. I felt there was no need to be so rigid in our definition of "cookie." (recipe link)
 Start with candy canes. I grabbed the smaller sized ones & tossed them in a ziplock bag.
 SMASH the bag of peppermint to pieces. 
Any heavy object will do. An old skillet worked like a charm.
 The players: brown and white chocolate, peppermint extract & veggie oil
 Holiday silicone mold are super cute and work great. I would have preferred a snowflake mold as pictured in the original Pinterest post, but I wasn't able to find any.  I did snag these Christmas tree molds at Michael's.  On a complete side note: Why haven't I been experimenting with silicone molds before now - they are awesome!
 Check the recipe link for all the details, but I think the trees turned out pretty great!


The next recipe was also a Pinterest find and was definitely a cookie that required a mixer, oven and bake time - The Oatmeal Toffee Cookie. (recipe link)
 The cast o' characters: melted butter, egg, vanilla, oats, flour, brown sugar, & 
(saving the best for last) Heath Bar bites!
 I failed at documenting this recipe well, but all ingredients end up in the mixer EXCEPT the Heath Bar. Toffee bits get stirred in at the last minute. One note: nuts can be added to this recipe as well, but I omitted them as I wasn't sure the swap was allergy free.
 Spoon onto baking sheets.
 Bake @ 375 for 10 minutes.
So the Oatmeal Toffee Cookies turned out absolutely delicious, but I have to warn that they are super fragile and crumbly.  I didn't have the opportunity to test this theory, but I can only imagine they would be just perfect for crumbling over ice cream or vanilla greek yogurt.  Yummy!

I neglected to take a photo of the Christmas themed Chinese takeout boxes (@ Michael's) or the red & green polka dotted recipe cards that I ribbon tied to each box, but I asure you it was all so very cute and festive.

I am having my very own cookie swap next Sunday ( the 2nd annual cookie gala to be exact), but I haven't decided on a recipe or two just yet.  But no worriers, I am sure I'll be a baking machine next Saturday in preparation.  Happy Holiday baking to all my "Polka Dots" out there :)

Kelly Anne 

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Natalie said...

A "polka dot"? I love it!

The skillet picture is completely priceless! I'm excited to see that the molded peppermint bark turned out well. I had that pinned, but haven't had a chance to try it yet!