Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Card Wreath

Once again, Pinterest sparked my interested and the spray paint, glue guns and ribbons were ready to go! 

This festive project is a clothespin - christmas card wreath. You'll have to head over to the Gwenny Penny blog for all the details, as this isn't a KA original idea. But, it is an idea that is just way too cute to pass up (and serves a great purpose too)!

The basic steps are: 
- Spray paint about 50 clothespins green. 
- Shape wire coat hanger into a circle.
- Alternate clothespin and red pony bead until the circle is complete. 
- Add some hot glue and a ribbon to secure.

For the most part this project is fairly straight forward, until the very last step.  I had some difficultly securing the coat hanger; my hot glue wasn't doing the trick. I ended up using an excessive amount of hot glue, which wasn't very pretty at all and did not read, "finished project." In fact it looked more child-like and kindergarten crafty than anything else.  My solution was to use excessive amounts of ribbon to hide the hot glue.  As with most things, polka dotted ribbon came to rescue and saved my wreath.  Polka dots and ribbons always add the best finishing touches, in my opinion. 
Just be a warned that it will take more glue than you expect, and it is tough to manipulate. The clothespins want to go in opposite directions and can be a bit difficult; HOWEVER, when all was said and done and I finally got my wreath on the wall, I couldn't be happier!

And in the era of flat picture cards, this idea is just perfect. It is a great solution since the picture cards can't be sat-up on a mantle or table.
without cards
with cards
Once again, Pinterest doesn't disappoint. What are you pinning these days? Has anything caught your eye?

Kelly Anne 


Natalie said...

I spy with my little eye one owl Christmas card. Wonder who that could be from?? Love the clothespin wreath--this may be on my to-do list for next season.

And by the way, I'm OBSESSED with Pinterest--you've created a monster!!

emily pitts said...

I see my Zoe! Cute idea...guess I need to purchase a hot glue gun...