Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Amazing CHRISTMAS Race

On Saturday night, Timothy and I participated in the Amazing CHRISTMAS Race.  The premise is similar to the TV show (i.e. multiple teams of spouses and friends run around town completing tasks in competition with one another).  The teams were grouped into sets of four; Tim and I teamed up with two of his co-workers, Matt Brown and Jeff Mizelle.  The three guys were a riot and painfully competitive.

With a digital camera in hand and Timothy “Mario Andretti” Mudd behind the wheel, we were off!  We raced around town taking pictures of blow-up snow globes, wreaths with red bows, wreaths with white, candy-canes, speed limit signs and more.  We felt like we were in the running for 1st place and the $200 prize, but we were disappointed to finish 4th out of seven teams.

Being the competitive type, the boys put up a fight as they felt the winning teams cheated.  One of the tasks was to, “get your entire team’s photo behind bars at the Nash County Jail.” This particular task was worth 10 points, the most you could earn for one photo.

Well, we stopped at the jail.  We talked to the magistrate (a personal friend of Jeff’s).  And we DID NOT get permission to get our picture taken behind bars. The boys felt that if Jeff could not get us “behind bars” than no other team would receive the points either. Well…two of the teams got creative with the not-so-literal meaning of the task.  For example, one team ducked behind a set of railings that just looked like bars.  The judges knew the clue was really meant to get a team inside a jail cell, but the wording was just too ambiguous. The creative teams got the points and we lost.

Win or lose, we had a ton o’ fun.  I would have never thought of an activity like this for a work function, but it was such a great idea and an awesome way to start the night.  We had a great time, and did I mention it was snowing the whole time?!

Posted are a few Kodak moments from the more interesting tasks on our Amazing CHRISTMAS Race. Enjoy!
Christmas Card? Yes, Please!
  We were the only team to get a plastic nativity.
Kelly Anne

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Natalie said...

I think that sounds like lots of fun...and the pictures are priceless! :)