Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oreo Truffles and Lemon Angel Wings

When I began planning my cookie-swap party I was unsure of what type of cookies I wanted to bake.  I knew that I did not want to go the traditional route, so I started the great cookie search.  I pulled out my Taste of Home and Southern Living magazines and began to narrow down my options.

I ended up going with a no-bake Oreo Truffle and labor-intensive Lemon Angel Wings.  The truffles seemed pretty straight forward, and I knew they would be tasty since anything that involves OREOS is pretty much amazing. Super simple steps: crush Oreos, combine with cream cheese, roll into balls, dip in melted chocolate, chill…ENJOY!

I was really excited for the angel wings because I thought they were just beautiful, elegant, and festive; however, I did not realize how involved the recipe was from beginning to end.  First, I made the cookie dough (which involved grating 3 lemons for the peel/zest) and allowed it to chill in the fridge for 2 hours.  Then I had to roll out the dough into 4 rectangles.  Each rectangle had to be coated in sugar, rolled (jelly-roll style) into the shape of a scroll and chilled for another hour.  Once chilled, I had to slice the scroll-shaped rolls and coat each cookie in more sugar.  The recipe said to bake the cookies on one side for 14 minutes, flip and bake an additional 5.  I’m starting to believe that these oven temps were for an Easy-Bake or toaster over.  I started with 10 minutes just to be safe and that was almost too long.  Many of the cookies from the first batch were sacrificed as they were a little too crispy.  The best temperature/time combination ended up being, 7 minutes/Flip/2 minutes.

They really were beautiful, elegant, festive and delicious, but honestly I’m not sure it was worth all the work!  I have a feeling the Lemon Angel Wings will be a “once-a-year-only-at-christmas-you’re-lucky-to-get-um” cookie.

Although I worked by hump off in the kitchen, I really did enjoy my Christmas baking. If you want more detailed recipes let me know.

Kelly Anne


Natalie said...

Delish! Landon had a woman at Stock make him those Oreo truffles and he STILL talks about them to this day (a year and a half later)...I think I need to break down and try them. :)

Landon said...

incorrect....I got the recipe from a coworker at Lowe's and made them myself...they are delicious