Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blog Design Help, Please

I've been inspired by many of my friends to start a this is my attempt.  As a newbie I am frustrated with the layout and design options. You guys all have cute and fabulous blogs with unique fonts, but I am at a loss for how this is accomplished...HELP PLEASE! I need a tutor.

Look for random blogs about recipes, crafts, adventures, rants, rambles and pictures from my day to day life.

Kelly Anne

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Natalie said...

Hi, Kelly Anne! I love your new blog, and I am excited to be one of your followers. :)

When I first started our blog, I think I spent about four hours messing around with the layout, until Landon told me just to go to sleep and let it gel overnight. The next morning, I came back and messed with it for just a few minutes until I got it how I liked it. Sometimes husbands are right!

I made all of my headers and side bar titles in Word, which I then converted into PDFs (hit "Print" if you have a Mac), and then into JPGs. I just picked some fun fonts and some colorful borders when I was designing the header and side bar titles. You could also do the same thing if you have Paint on a PC, or any version of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

As for fun fonts, check out this website:
That's been SO helpful to me as I learned to navigate the waters of Blogger.

Hope all is well with you and Tim. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures! :)