Friday, December 3, 2010


Last Fall, my neighbor Donna inspired me to make an Autumn wreath for my front door.  I went to Michaels and for about $15 purchased all the needed items and a glue gun. I brought my craft goodies home, set up my card table and went right to work. I was really happy with the wreath I created and actually ended up putting together a second wreath for my back door as well.  The wreaths have served me well over the last two Fall seasons.

Well, over the Thanksgiving weekend I decided I wanted to make a new Christmas wreath.  Off to Michael's I went.  This time I ended up spending closer to $30, but once again the material ended up creating 2 wreaths.  
The two wreaths are completely different in terms of style and design, but I love them both. The magnolia inspired (red and gold) is hanging on our back/side door.  The ornament and lights inspired is hanging on the front.  I am partial to the floral wreath, but I wanted the lights to be seen from the street, thus the red and silver wreath won the front door-street view spot. 
I'm excited to break out the rest of our Christmas decorations and to get our tree this weekend!
Kelly Anne

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