Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Both Timothy's family and mine have a specific stockings and/or stocking traditions. In my family, both my brother and I have these knit stockings from Avon via 1980-something. Mom had them embroidered with our names years ago.

In Tim's family, he, his Mom, Dad and sister have extra large-handmade stockings (made by his Gran). Each stocking is unique and every family member has their own fabric pattern.

This year my Mom gave Timothy his own 1980's Avon stocking embroidered with his name (I believe she found it on ebay or craigslist), and Timothy's family gave me my very own extra large-handmade stocking! I was so excited! I had just mentioned to Tim that maybe next year, since we would be married, that maybe his Gran would be willing to make me a Mudd family stocking…so imagine my pure excitement and joy when she had already made me one!!! I absolutely love me fabric pattern too! Timothy's Mom picked it out, and it is SO VERY me.

Regardless of the wedding, it is official…Timothy and I are family, the stockings prove it!

Kelly Anne

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Emily Pitts said...

It was great seeing you and meeting Timothy! I am glad you got to have a Christmas adventure...it will be fun reminiscing when you have been married a few years. Happy New Year!