Sunday, December 5, 2010

Searching for the PERFECT Christmas Tree

Yesterday Timothy and I headed out on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. We knew exactly where we wanted to go, so off to the K-Mart parking lot we went (that is where Fox Ridge Tree Farm sets up shop). We began to search through the trees, and we were fairly impressed, but I could tell that Timothy wasn't 100% excited about any one tree. One tree was too short. One tree was too skinny. One tree had too many holes…he just wasn't satisfied. Finally one of the employees came by and asked us what we wanted in a tree and off he and Timothy went in search of the perfect tree. Next thing I know, we have an 8 foot tall-very robust-no holes tree.

We got the tree home and it was a "little" too big. Needless-to-say, Tim had to do some modifying so that our living room could accommodate the big fella (aka: hacking a good 3 inches off the bottom). I was thankful he decided to modify the tree and not our ceiling/roof line.

This is definitely the largest tree we've ever had. We even had to make a midnight run to Wal-Mart to purchase 500 more lights. In all, we used 1400 lights! We spent Saturday & Sunday decorating, making the house festive and fun. We also had a great time at Tim's work-Christmas party; we participated in the Amazing Christmas Race, which was extra awesome because we got to run around town, snapping photos, in the SNOW! Look for a post soon about all the race fun.

Merry Christmas!

Kelly Anne

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Natalie said...

Your house is so pretty and Christmas-y! I am very jealous...Landon and I decorated our "den" (really the old playroom in my parents' house) with our fake tree two weeks back, but since then, that room has just become the place to put everything else no one know what to do with. Now, there's a fully decorated tree in the midst of piles and piles of boxes, books and clothes. Maybe next year!